New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution of an Artist 2019

My New Year Resolution List for the year 2019

I know it’s a trend right now to think and talk about your new year resolution list for the upcoming year. Also, I did this kind of list each year and I will do it once again, this year. I bet my list is no different than the majority, but I want to write it down, no matter what. Somehow, it feels that you are compelled to achieve each item because you wrote it down. Also, you feel happy every time you check one item from the list. So, let’s see what I have in mind for my new year resolution list.

  • I want to make $100k – My boyfriend is rolling his eyes every time he hears me saying this. He thinks there is no logical or reasonable way for me to make this amount of money in one year. He thinks it can’t be done even in a lifetime. I am optimistic and I know that with hard work anything can be accomplished. I plan on working on my blogs, on my art shops, and my paintings. All these summed up will help me achieve my goal. I am positive about it.
  • Paint 300 paintings, Sell 200 paintings – This might sound unrealistic too. I was thinking maybe I could sell 500 paintings in the next year. This year I sold almost 10 paintings, but I know I can do more. However, that would imply I must paint more than one painting every day, for the entire year. But I don’t think is so hard to do, also. But making these many paintings sounds amazing! I imagine how much experience each painting would bring into my life.
  • Participate in exhibitions – This one feels harder for me to than the $100k new year resolution. Because I am more of an introvert and a bit anti-social I tend to isolate myself most of the time. And to create an exhibition implies I must talk with the people visiting it. However, this one is still on my list. Is something I wish to do and hopefully I will do it next year.
  • 100 days challenges – I wish for 2019 to start a 100 days challenges and stick with each one of them. I challenge myself to begin painting/drawing/illustrating something each day, for 100 days. This will make me feel more responsible and proactive. The Inktober challenge from 2018 sounded so amazing, but, unfortunately, I found out about it too late.
  • Build skill – In 2017-2018, I studied various types of art styles. However, in 2019, I want to stick with the ones that made me feel good and deepen them. I am tired of touching the surface of each artistic style. I want to stick with maximum 3 and get better at them.
  • Work on my blogs – I admit I started my latest blogs with little confidence. But they grew by themselves and somehow I understood I am on the right path. After failing 3 other blogs, I started this one and a similar new one, Twist of Creation. I wasn’t sure if they would grow and I could monetize them. But after a lot of work, I shifted my attention from Cristina picteaza. Eventually, it grew each day by itself. So, next year, I want to work more on these blogs and make them big and useful. I wish for everyone who visits them to leave knowing a bit more about the world or about themselves.
  • Travel more – Another wish that the artist in me is wishing for is to travel. I used to travel a lot, a few years ago, but lately, I barely got out of my house. This makes me feel sad to the core. That’s why an important new year resolution is to travel. The cities I wish to travel to are Tokyo and other cities from Japan, Paris, the coast cities from Greece, Island, North Pole, and New York. Honestly, I would love to move to New York if it would be possible.  There is some actor there that I would like to meet. There is something magic in the feeling of being a foreigner in a foreign country. I always feel like I don’t fit and actually being in that foreigner role makes me feel in the right position. It sounds like a paradox, I know.
  • Work on saving the planet – Another thing I wish to accomplish is to work and help clean the planet and to keep it healthy. I know I don’t have a lot of power now, but I know there are small things I can do too.

Well, this is my new year resolution list. These things might sound unrealistic, but I know one thing. If you don’t ask and wish for something, you will never get it. The Universe is vast and generous, it has plenty for everyone. What is your new year resolution list? Please leave me a comment writing me about your wishes. It would be great to hear from you!

Happy New Year!

(Photo by from Pexels)


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