Autumn oil Painting with Palette Knife - Impressionism
Padure la apus - Picturi impresionist

Oil painting with palette knife – Autumn

Oil painting with palette knife – Autumn – Impressionism

One of my favorite painters is mister Leonid Afremov, the impressionist painter.
Impressionism is expressing my rage against norms, regulation, laws and standards and my love for colors, flavors mix, love, strange shapes and combination, and happiness.

This is one of the very first paintings I did use oil colors. I am very impressed to see that I actually succeeded in creating a beautiful piece of art. The person who bought this artwork was very happy to acquire this piece and I couldn’t be happier to know this.

I used pallet knives on stretched triple primed canvas on wood frame. This canvas was bought by my mother for me and I feel like it was a lucky canvas. She gave it to me with an open heart and I think this helped me. I am truly grateful for this.

Although I don’t have this painting anymore, I am very happy I did it and can’t wait to create more colorful oil paintings.


Medium: Oil painting
Tools: Palette knife

Size: 30 x 24 CM
Details at iordache.cristina.vivi(at)