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Ship Oil Painting – Sailing Ship in the Sunrise

Oil Painting of antique ship sailing in the Sunrise

Sailing Ship Oil Painting

This is one of my favorite ship painting in oil. The shapes are irregular, but I feel that I expressed my feelings with accuracy trough it. As a matter of fact, like never before. Impressionism is the style I used to create this artwork.

I’ve been studying the work of Leonid Afremov, contemporary impressionism painter and his entire work is beautiful and unique. I used the same techniques he demonstrated in some of his tutorials to create a series of oil paintings. I used the same style even in creating paintings in acrylics.

This paintings offers me the freedom emotion I long for. And between the vastness of the ocean and the sky the feeling of liberty reaches the infinity. This is how our freedom should always be when humans decide to detach from prejudgment and false assumptions.

Why I study other artists’ work?

Well, this is a question I ask myself sometimes. Afremov is not the first artist I studied and tried to work after his techniques.
I wonder if copying other artists is wrong..
Well, most of the time I found out that is very good. Before watching his techniques I didn’t know how to use a palette knife and more important oil colors. I would ruin brushes trying to clean them every time I would pick a different color from palette. It was a nightmare and that made me hate painting with oils. But that’s just because I didn’t know.

So my advice is to smart copy other artist. You should learn their techniques and observe them work, but use them in combination with your imagination and vision.

Variation of the sailing ship oil painting

Another painting which evolves around the same subject is – Oil Painting – Ship in the Sunset, but that artwork is not available. But with this painting I felt like letting the ship sail away from the comfort and safety of the coast and explore the unknown.

It’s painted on canvas, but it is not stretched on wood frame. I used palette knives for this work.
The paint is smooth and of high quality. An oil painting should be cleaned with a dry soft piece of cloth.

Details about this ship oil painting

  • Tools: oil on canvas, NOT stretched, palette knives
  • Size: 60 cm x 45 cm
  • Details at [email protected]
  • This painting is available.

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Thank you!