Forest in the sunset

Oil Painting – Forest in the sunset

Forest in the sunset Painting in Oil Colors

Colorful forest in oil paint

I was afraid to work with oil colors before, but after attending a one time oil painting class I learned its secret. Forest in the Sunset is a soulful painting sharing love and kindness, where the forest is there to protect you and guide you to the light.

I perceived the forest like a metaphor of the motherhood, where nurturing feelings embrace you, love and understand you. The vague silhouette of the couple in the center of the painting is the symbol of love.

The painting is quite small, but it has eye-catching shapes and colors.



  • 23 cm x 18 cm
  • Painted on stretched canvas on wooden easel
  • 2017, Autumn
  • High Quality paints and materials
Forest in the sunset
Forest in the sunset

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