Oranges Painting in Acrylics on Canvas, Cristina Iordache
Tablou cu fructe, Arome Mediteraneene, Pictura in acrilice

Oranges Painting in Acrylics on Paper

The Beauty of Italy

Marina Di Camerota - Credit:
Marina Di Camerota – Credit:

This painting represents in a symbolic way, my dream from when I was 5-6 years old. That dream was to visit Italy. There were Italian TV channels that used to show beautiful cartoons like Sailor Moon, Cat Eyes, Lady Oscar, Georgi, Olly e Benji and many more. Even though these cartoons are Japanese animes, I didn’t know at that moment.

Watching those cartoons I learned the language and I developed a passion for this country. I am also a pasta and good food lover, in general. After many years, after my mother moved with work to Italy, I finally visited Italy.

I must say that visiting Italy was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The excursion with my sister and brother-in-law, in a summer, in Italy is the best vacation I ever had until now. We visited all the Amalfi coast, Salerno, Ravelo, Marina di Camerrota, all the groats and the amazing beaches. Italy is truly amazing. I also stayed with my mother for five months and somehow I absorbed in my spirit the atmosphere of Italy. I also visited Rome, Napoli and many places in sublime Italy.

The working process

Oranges Credit:
Oranges Credit:

These oranges painting is a representation of my admiration for Italy. I wouldn’t want to move there or perhaps in any other place, but I recommend anyone to visit Italy. I used a reference photo for this painting. This painting can decorate a kitchen room or a dinner room. To clean the painting of dust simply use a dry soft cotton cloth.


The painting is no longer available.
Size: 70 cm x 50 cm
Materials: acrylics painting on canvas
I used a coat of final varnish against UV damage and with a glossy effect.
Date: December 2017
The painting is signed on front and back.
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