• Watercolor girl Painting - Cristina Picteaza

    Creating a watercolor girl painting 18/300

    For the 18th artwork from my painting challenge series, I did a watercolor girl painting. Basically, this creation is very simple and easy. I am trying to create very loose watercolor girl paintings. All the loose paintings I saw look…

  • How to draw a rose flower Painting Watercolors - Cristina picteaza
    Tutorials,  Watercolors

    How to draw a ROSE flower Painting 17/300

    How to draw a rose flower painting with watercolors? Well, it’s pretty simple and pleasant to paint a rose using watercolors. I also recommend you to look upon the Internet various images with rose flowers and study how the petals…

  • The history of acrylic paint - When was acrylic paint invented
    Art History

    The history of Acrylic Paint

    When was acrylic paint invented? The history of acrylic paint doesn’t go back in the 10th or 11th-century like many suppose, but way earlier. If you wonder when was acrylic paint invented, you should know it was invented in 1920.…

  • Painting quotes
    Art Fun Facts

    Most famous 100 Painting Quotes

    The most popular 100 painting quotes and the celebrities who said them. Enhance your social media art posts adding these beautiful mottos in their descriptions. Here you will find painting quotes from Edgar Degas, Oscar Wilde, Frida Khalo, Vincent van…