Pencil drawing of Mountain landscape on paper - Video tutorial – Cristina is Painting
Peisaj cu munti in creion - CristinaVivi
Pencil drawings

Pencil drawing of Mountain landscape on paper – Video tutorial

This video tutorial will help you learn how to do a pencil drawing of mountain landscape on paper. You will need basic materials for this drawing so this drawing is quite cheap to create. For more video tutorials like this, I strongly recommend you to subscribe to my Youtube channel. There you will find more acrylic painting video, watercolor painting videos, oil on canvas painting and many pencil drawing video tutorials.

Materials to create a pencil drawing of Mountain landscape

  1. A4 sketch notebook / regular A4 paper or even 300gr paper
  2. HB pencil, or even more soft pencils like 2B – 4B;
  3. Eraser for mistakes you might make in the process;
  4. A small paper tissue to blend and create shadows, but this is optional.

I hope you will like this video tutorial of how to draw a mountain on paper using pencils. On my website you will also find many coloring pages, tutorials on how to draw with pencils, acrylics, oils and watercolor. My recommendation is that you try all these mediums and then decide what you like best to create art. Thank you for the visit and I hope this tutorial will help you create amazing artworks. Have a nice day!