Pencil Drawing Rose - Easy video tutorial of sketch in pencil
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Pencil Drawing Rose – Easy

Pencil Drawing Rose – It is very easy to learn how to draw a rose in pencil if you follow a couple of rules. Because you can use an eraser to remove any mistakes, drawing with a pencil is easy for children and adults. Roses are the most popular flowers in the world, and almost anyone knows how they look. However, the shape of a rose can be quite difficult to draw for beginners.

The materials you will need in order to create a pencil drawing rose can be found in any home and are:

  • paper (you can use regular A4 paper or even a notebook);
  • pencil (HB pencil is the most common type of pencil you can find in stores. This is the type I am also recommending.);
  • eraser.

How to draw a rose in pencil?

If you need, you can use photo references with roses to study before drawing a rose. Pay attention to each petal of the rose and how it curves around the center. These small details will help you draw a very beautiful flower and improve significantly your drawing style. To help you, you can watch a video of my pencil drawing rose. There, you will notice I drew the basic shapes, the details and, in the ending, the shadows.

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Let’s see the video tutorial of the rose pencil drawing.

One Comment

  • Amy

    Your rose drawing is amazing! I used to draw all the time, but rarely have time now, unfortunately. I always got really annoyed when I couldn’t get something right though, which is probably why I don’t do it often. This has inspired me to have another go though!