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Peonies - cristina picteaza

Peonies Painting in Acrylics Colors

The first artwork of 2018 is a large peonies painting bouquet in a vase. Peonies are one of my favorite kind of flowers. They are delicate flowers with subtle fragrance.

I wanted my first work of this year to be a flower painting, but also to work with a few tools I found at a local toys hypermarket (Jumbo). I found cheap pallet knives that are usually used in constructions. I also got to use acrylics colors I received from my special Santa for Christmas. And he was very generous with the colors and tools.


Medium: Acrylics on stretched canvas
Tools: Brushes and palette knife
Size: 80cm x 60cm
Details at iordache.cristina.vivi(at)

I was talking about palette knives and as I was saying, when it comes to brushes and palette knife it is ok to use cheaper brands since I usually ruin any kind of brush. But when it comes to acrylics/vinyl colors it’s recommended to use better brands because you wish your painting to last for a lifetime.

I am enjoying to the best my passion for painting and I hope each one of you finds your purpose in life and the courage to follow it.
Thank you for passing by.