Loose Watercolor Painting - Rain artwork video tutorial
Loose watercolor painting

Rainy Day – Loose Watercolor Painting 20/300

Sometimes you get tired of following too many instructions and clear directions. In those moments, I like to create a loose watercolor painting. The advantages of a painting like this are the fact that you can do whatever you want and use whatever techniques you like. You might believe that the disadvantage is that you might make a disaster, but that’s not true. No matter what you create in your loose watercolor painting, it’s still a painting. You might call it abstract or simply intuitive painting, but it’s a creation.

So, for this creation of mine, I use the same tools I always use. Even though I have semi-professional watercolor tubes from Phoenix, I still like to use my old watercolor palette. It’s one of the palettes that children use in school. I don’t mind working with them, especially when I want to improve my techniques. I analyzed over the time and came to the conclusion that the paper is more important than the medium. You will see that some people use beet juice or coffee to paint. You could paint with tears if it had a color or with blood, but let’s not go too far (haha). So, in essence, the paper is more relevant than the paint you’re using. Perhaps another important aspect is the amount of water you’re using. Too much water can ruin even the best paper of them all. Keep a balance in everything, and everything will be fine.

So let’s get back to our loose watercolor painting and end this chit-chattering. The materials I use are simple:

  • watercolors
  • brushes
  • water
  • paper 280gms
  • hair-dryer if you need one (optional)
  • some colored pencils and markers for details

The steps of creating a loose watercolor painting

There are no steps to creating something like this. I went with the flow on this one. I felt like painting a city scenery with couples walking with umbrellas in the rain. You are basically drawing the watercolor brush. It’s easy and relaxing. I always relax when I use loose painting. In essence, there is nothing to explain here and you just have to let your intuition work. It’s important to relax and let your ideas flow in and out. Any mind limitation will block the creative process.

Here, I will add my video tutorial of my loose watercolor painting and I hope it serves you well and you found my pieces of thoughts and pieces of advice useful. You can find more video tutorials on my Youtube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe and comment if you want more videos like this.

Thank you!