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Trandafir Desen cu creioane colorate

Rose drawing with Color Pencils (Video)

Roses are the most beautiful flowers in the world. At least that’s what most people say. So we are going to create a rose drawing using color pencils. Our easy color pencil drawing is beautiful and anyone can do it. I know that the shape of the rose flower seems difficult.

The petals form an intricate shape and it’s very complex. But once you figure out the pattern everything will be easy.

First, you will need to study some rose images or an actual rose flower. Before starting to the rose drawing, you should draw some sketches on a paper. This exercise will help you get used with the shape.

After you understand it’s particularities, you can start the rose drawing.

Materials to draw a rose flower

Rose drawing [Source:]
Rose drawing [Source:]
  • color pencils (I used pencils from Deco Time.  I found them in Action hypermarket, in Belgium.)
  • normal paper (if you have, you can use acid-free paper. I used a normal paper)

You can use whatever brand of pencils you have. My pencils are regular soft color pencils, nothing special. So there is no need to go overboard with this part.

The important aspect is my set contains 72 colors, so I am counting on the variety of color to create something beautiful.

The first step is to create a sketch with a neutral color. I used a medium grey color pencil. Make sure the petals are distinguished. Observe the photo references you have of a rose.

Trandafir Desen cu creioane colorate
Rose -Trandafir Desen cu creioane colorate

You will notice light and dark areas. For the highlights use red, pink, lavender, pale yellow or peach. When you draw the shadows use shades of purple, blue, green and black. Using colors like this will create depth and make a realistic rose.

For this rose drawing, I made a short movie. You can watch it below in this article.

Rose drawing video tutorial

The following video is here to help you create a beautiful rose with colored pencils. You can watch more of my video tutorials on my Youtube channel. I invite you to subscribe so you be the first one notified when a new tutorial is out.

I hope you learned something new from my article!

Thank you for reading!