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Shopkins for coloring
Coloring pages

Shopkins Coloring Pages Season 2 (Baby)

Shopkins Coloring Pages Season 2 (Baby) – Shopkins for coloring and painting, easy to download and print. Get these cute free drawing sheets now and color them the way you like.

Shopkins are a range of tiny, collectible toys, manufactured by Moose Toys. Based on grocery store items, each plastic figure has a recognizable face and a unique name. They also have special finishes like translucent, glitter, or squishy. The collectible toys (which are designated as a common, rare, ultra-rare, special edition, limited edition, and exclusive) also have lines of clothing, trading cards, and other merchandise. The toy line began in July 2014.[1][2] As of January 2019, there are eleven seasons of the toys. (Source: WikiPedia)

Shopkins Baby Team

  • Dribbles
  • Ga Ga Gourmet
  • Dum Mee Mee
  • Baby Swipes
  • Sippy Sips
  • Baby Puff
  • Nappy Dee
  • Shampoo Sue

Baby Team Shopkins for Coloring

Shopkins Season 2 Coloring pages

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