Phoenix Acrylics

Silver Phoenix Acrylics Painting

Silver Phoenix Acrylics Painting

The Silver Phoenix Acrylics Painting is a gift I did for my sister. I worked on this in a period when I was quite relaxed and I was meditating on life in general, under happy aspects.
I know a Phoenix bird is supposed to be made of fire, but I preferred it to be silver. I didn’t have a plan for this painting. Lately, I build my artworks based on plans and layouts I build in my mind, on paper and, in the end, on canvas.

I made this Phoenix Acrylics Painting last year and I choose Silver because I felt like a Phoenix that time of the year. I felt like I died and came back to life, at least in spirit.

Silve Pheonix Acrylics Painting
Silver Pheonix Acrylics Painting

Silver is the element of the Gemini sign and my sister is a Gemini, and I felt this would suit her. I used silver acrylics for this painting and I love the reflections it gives. She requested another painting from me, but I need to make a plan on this one because I found it a bit more complex.

Enjoy my first ever hanging painting. I am happy someone appreciates it and use it to make their home and life a little prettier.


– Acrylic paint
– 70x50cm canvas
– brushes
– used my Azalea flowers for reference and galaxy photos for the sky

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