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Sleeping Dreams – Pen and Ink Video Tutorial

“Sleeping dreams” artwork and the pen and ink video tutorial are two projects I did at the ending of 2018. I like to document every art I work on and this pen and ink video tutorial was no exception. Also, I fell in love with pen and ink and I love how you can work with a traditional medium and create contemporary art.

I love to cross-hatch drawings and the more I work with ink, the more I want to create. “Sleeping dreams” is a design you can find on my Society6 store. This artwork is the first illustration from a series of two artworks. It’s followed by the “Awaken dreams” pen and ink artwork.

The meaning behind my ink artwork

The name of the first ink illustration speaks for itself. On top of the sleeping girl’s head, you can see some wings. Sleep, in this context, is a metaphor for not knowing what your purpose is in life. However, the wings represent the potential that lies in oneself and has the power to lift up the spirit. I strongly believe that every human has an immense potential of being great at something in their life. However, a very small percent of the population realized it and acted accordingly.

Because the girl is sleeping and is not aware of her potential, the wings that represent her dreams, are also dormant. When I look at these artworks, I remember how much I slept until I realized I was sleeping. And it’s important to be aware of “the sleep”. Because that particular moment will trigger the awakening.

Sleeping dreams - Cristina-Vivi Iordache
Sleeping dreams – Cristina-Vivi Iordache

Materials I used for my pen and ink video tutorial

  • permanent black Indian ink from Winsor & Newton, 250ml
  • A4 paper
  • dip pen for ink, don’t use a refill pen because you will ruin it, unless you use regular ink, not permanent
  • Samsung phone to film the tutorial
  • a small selfy stick to hold the phone in position

The pen and ink video tutorial

Below you can watch the video tutorial of this pen and ink original artwork. I like to pour some ink in a small cap because you don’t need too much. Here is the video and you can find more ink tutorials on my Youtube channel.

Thank you!

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