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Snow white coloring pages - planse de colorat Alba ca Zapada
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Snow White Coloring Pages

Snow White and the 7 dwarfs 

I invite you to download the Snow White coloring pages along with the 7 dwarfs. You will find lovely images with Grumpy, Dopey, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy, Doc and Sneezy. You can download the Snow White coloring sheets by clicking the image you like and download it into your computer. Print it on a A4 paper and start coloring it with your favorite markers, colored pencils or watercolors. You can create lovely artworks that you can, then, gift to the important persons in your life: your mom, your dad, your sisters brothers, or friends.

Let’s see what coloring pages you can download from this blog and you can turn into beautiful works of art. We will be able to color the lovely story of the princess Snow White.

Snow White coloring pages – Snow White and the 7 dwarfs

Once upon a time, there a lovely young princess called Snow White. She was a friend to all animals and she was kind and sweet.

Snow White coloring pages - Alba ca Zapada planse de colorat Cristina Picteaza

One day, a charming prince saw her and approached her with gentleness. He was kind and respectful and Snow White found him lovable. However, as they were spending time together, the evil step-mother of the girl saw them.


The evil queen had always a magic mirror that would always tell her the truth. Once, she asked the mirror: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who’s the fairest of ’em all?”.

Snow White queen coloring pages - Alba ca zapada planse de colorat

The mirror would always praise the queen’s beauty, but as the princess was growing, the mirror started to say: “Snow White, O Queen, is the fairest of them all”. The queen became mad with anger so she ordered a Huntsman to bring Snow White’s heart.


Snow white princess and the huntsmann

But the Huntsman could not bring himself to harm such a kind girl so he told her to run away, somewhere far away where the queen will not find her.

Princess Snow White and the animals coloring pages - planse de colorat alba ca zapada

She went deep into the forest, until she found a small house. She knocked but nobody answered, so she entered the cottage.

Snow White - Alba ca zapada cristina picteaza

There was a lot of mess in the cottage, but she was delighted to see 7 tiny chairs, 7 tiny spoons, 7 tiny forks, 7 tiny cups, and even 7 tiny beds. She believed that 7 children must be living in that tiny house. Snow White cleaned the entire house and cooked food.

Snow white cleaning - Alba ca zapada After she finished everything, she fell asleep, because many things happened to her during this day and she was exhausted.

Snow White sleeping

While Snow White was sleeping, the owners of the little house returned. They were 7 dwarfs working in the diamond and gold mine.

Cei 7 pitici planse de colorat - the 7 dwarfs coloring pages

When they got home and saw that everything was clean and the food was smelling delicious, they thought that some witch entered their home.

7 Drawfs at home coloring pages - planse colorate pitici

When they went upstairs, they saw that a beautiful princess was sleeping in their beds. She woke up and she was pleased to meet the kind 7 dwarfs: Grumpy, Dopey, Sleepy, Bashful, Happy, Doc and Sneezy.

Snow white coloring sheets - fise colorat alba ca zapada

She told them the story about her evil step-mother and they were terrified to hear that someone could do something like that, but they were more than happy to let Snow White live in their tiny home.

Snow white in the dwarfs home

However, on the other side of the forest, the queen was still dissatisfied. Soon, she realized that the Huntsman betrayed her as the mirror showed her Snow White living happy and sound in the house of the dwarfs.

Evil queen coloring pages - Planse de colorat cu regina malefica

She came with a plan to disguise herself into an old lady using magic.  A magic potion helped her change her appearance.

Evil queen into old lady The evil queen approached the house of the 7 dwarfs and knocked to the door. But the princess told them that the dwarfs forbid her to open the door to strangers. The old peddler woman convinced her to see her beautiful apple. Snow White took a bite of the red apple and fell into a long deep sleep.

Snow white and evl queen

When the dwarfs came home from the mine, they saw the princess lying on the floor. They watched over her day and night, hoping that someday she will wake up.

7 Dwarfs

One day, the charming prince arrived at the dwarfs house and saw the asleep princess. He approached the beautiful princess and kissed her.

Prince Charming and Snow White

And like a charm, the spell was broken! The princess woke up and they lived happily ever after!

Snow White and the prince