Painting of Snowdrops in Watercolor - Spring landscape
spring painting - Snowdrops watercolor landscape by Cristina-Vivi Iordache
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Painting of Snowdrops in Watercolor – Spring landscape

Spring landscape painting in January is never too early

I got a little bit too excited about spring and I decided to create a spring painting, a watercolor landscape. And what else can express more the Spring feeling than the spring flowers and the snowdrops? At first, I wanted to paint a single snowdrop flower in watercolor, but I changed my mind. I believe that a beautiful spring painting would look better if I paint a field of snowdrops in the forest. So I looked for inspiration on the internet and saw many beautiful photographs and paintings.

For this spring painting we need the following materials:

  • watercolor paper
  • brushes
  • regular watercolor palette, nothing too fancy
  • a pencil for sketch
  • maybe even a hair-dryer to dry the painting in between paint strokes
  • water

The watercolor landscape painting process

For this spring painting, I am also adding, like always, a video with the entire process. However, the process is accompanied by music, no explanations. I will add here the explanations so you get a better understanding of my painting process.

First, we sketch the forest using a pencil. Don’t press too hard because this sketch is only for reference. Draw the trees, they should not have leaves, since the snowdrops appear before anything else. Next, we will use the wet on wet technique to paint the sky and background. Apply clear water on the spaces between the trees. Use a bigger pointy round brush and apply purple on the base of this clear water. As you paint from bottom to top, apply a mix of blue and purple until you add only blue to the top. This way you create a gradient color that goes from purple to blue.

Let that dry or use the hair dryer to speed up the process. Paint the base color of the trees and the ground. Remember that you can use a darker color on top of a lighter color, so you should always start with a bright palette. I used a light cream for the trees and a lemon green for the ground. Use darker shades of paint to add shadows to the elements.

Using a detail brush, paint the grass. Use very thin brush strokes. You will see the process in the real-time video in this article. This spring painting is very easy and anyone can do it.

After you finished painting the grass, the tree branches, and the bushes, you can add the snowdrops in your painting. The white of the snowdrops must stand out very well, so use clear white paint. Since the watercolor paint will lighten with one of two tones when it’s dry, the flowers will stand out even more.

The painting of snowdrops watercolor painting video:

I hope you enjoyed my painting of Snowdrops in watercolors, and you learned how to create a watercolor spring landscape. I believe this technique is very easy even for the beginners. If you like this tutorial, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Thank you for your time!

Happy painting!