Still Life Painting "Fruits" Painting Challenge 4/300 – Acrylics on panel
Still Life painting in acrylics on panel
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Still Life Painting “Fruits” Painting Challenge 4/300

The basics of the still life painting

For today’s painting, I worked on a still life painting in acrylics. I know this is more basic and simpler than the others, but I missed working on these still life artworks. I used to do a lot of static natures for the graphics course. Also, I remember I was sick and tired of working only with this subject. However, since I had a very small panel, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. It felt that a small fruit painting would suit the dimensions.

Materials for the still life painting:

  • primary red magenta
  • primary yellow
  • primary blue cyan
  • titanium white
  • carbon black
  • panel canvas
  • pencil
  • small brushes

I began by sketching the fruits with a pencil. Next, I painted the fruits with shades of yellow and orange and mixed a gray for the background.

For painting the fruits you need to study the reference photo. You will see that the fruits borrow their colors one to another and the shadows are not just blackish. For a very picturesque painting, I recommend you to mix the base color of the fruit with blue, red and yellow and apply it to the focal points. For example, when you are painting the shadows use blue, green and purple. While you work on the lighter parts, use yellow, orange, red and white.

Use white for highlights and black for deep shadow only if you want to create a very contrasting image.

For this painting, as usual, I filmed the painting process. You can see below how I worked on this painting in real-time. You can get an idea of how to work with acrylics and create still life paintings. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get more painting videos: