• Cute bear digital painting - speed-painting

    Cute BEAR Drawing – Speed-painting (Video)

    Along with other digital paintings, I also wanted to create a series of cute bear drawings. This is the first cute bear from the series and it’s a regular cute bear.  I like to use Adobe Illustrator for this painting…

  • Captain Marvel Art - Digital Painting Video

    Captain Marvel Art – Digital Painting (Video)

    One of my biggest passions are Marvel movies and I did a Captain Marvel art for the upcoming movie of this beautiful superhero. I started working with Adobe Illustrator a couple of weeks ago, and I am beginning to love…

  • Romantic Hug - Digital Painting

    Romantic Hug – Digital Painting (Video)

    This year, for Valentine’s Day, I worked on a digital painting. This is an artwork I also included in my list of Painting challenge pieces. I want my painting challenge list to include all the artworks I am working on…

  • Drawing in Illustrator - Selfportrait - Cristina Vivi Art

    Beginner at drawing in Illustrator

    A week ago, I had a sudden idea of starting digital painting and to learn drawing in Illustrator. I am struggling with finding a way in my life. I began my studies with informatics and computer science, but I knew…