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Valentine's Day Cards - Couple drawing - Valentine's Day Cards
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Valentine’s Day Cards Idea – Couple Drawing

For this special day, I wanted to create something simple and easy, as love should be. However, I am not particularly celebrating this day since in Romania we have another special day to celebrate love. Our traditional love day is called Dragobete and it’s on 24th February. But for this international day, I want to share my idea of Valentine’s Day cards drawing.

I decided to do a simple couple drawing using only paper, pencil and colored pencils. I observed some photographies on pexels and pixabay and decided to go with a kissing couple drawing.

Tools for Valentine’s Day Cards

  • paper
  • pencil
  • colored pencils

For this Valentine’s Day drawing, I used a set of pencils from Faber Castell. Just 12 colors, but that is enough for this type of drawing. If you have more colors, it is better. You can focus more on the shadows and highlights and create a better couple drawing.

I didn’t invest much time into this drawing because it’s meant to be something easy and fun to do. I will add the video of my drawing process. You will see that I used the colored black pencil to create the sketch. I recommend you to use a regular pencil for the sketch if you are not very comfortable with free drawing. If you will make mistakes, you can easily erase them.

Check out the video on my youtube channel. Also, feel free to subscribe to the channel because I am posting videos with paintings all the time.

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