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Video – How to color a coloring book for adults – Ocean painting

Coloring Book for Adults – Watercolors Painting of Ocean

Fish and Turtles in Watercolors

How to color coloring books for adults?

I received a coloring book as a gift from a work colleague and I was impressed by it. Usually, I am not a fan of this kind of books. I prefer to design my own sketches, to make layouts and contours. But since I received this book, I thought I should give it a go.

The theme of the coloring book for adults is Ocean. I love to paint seascapes as seen in the acrylics painting with the underwater kiss. So the theme of the book really impressed me. Hence, I decided to paint each page of the book with watercolors … and film it.

Since the watercolors paintings I had were of the low quality I decided I would buy better watercolors and I went to my favorite local art&crafts shop, Pictor, and bought a set of 24 watercolors painting set.  The watercolors set in Phoenix and its price was around 11 euro. It’s not the most expensive set, but it’s worth every cent. I can see a big difference in pigment and flow of the pain on paper. The colors mix better and are brighter and deeper than the old ones.

Drawbacks I encountered in this process

I decided to film also this time, with my phone camera since it does a better job than the camera. Also, I can film up to 45 minutes and if it stops filming, it’s beginning a new video right from where it ended. So, if I have enough memory on my phone, I can film enough to create a painting tutorial. I usually paint a coloring book page in about an hour.

However, since the laptop is still not working well, I couldn’t compile very video together and make one video, so the videos are still uploaded each. I used the editing functions on Youtube to create a time-lapse in each video.  I used a selfie stick and a desk lamp to create a better lighting and atmosphere. The overall light is good but I will work on making it better.

I preferred to use many colors in painting the turtles and the fish. Still, I wanted to preserve the ocean feeling of the sea creatures, jellyfish, and waves. I am truly impressed by the watercolors. I used the smallest brush I have and although it took me a lot to finish this painting, I am happy with the results.

Here are the videos with the painting in watercolors of the coloring book for adults. And I hope this video helps you a bit in seeing a version of how to color a coloring book for adults.

Video Tutorial of Watercolors Painting – How to color coloring books

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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