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Video Tutorial – How to Paint a Fox in Acrylics Tutorial?

How to Paint a Fox in Acrylics Tutorial – Video

After I made the video tutorial about how to paint a seascape I wished to paint an animal, a fox more precise, and I decided I should document using a video. As a matter of fact, I decided to document every painting I do with a video. You can watch my painting process and my own techniques. Use them to improve your skills or just amuse yourself. On the first video tutorial, I didn’t work with a video processing software, and I had to upload each video from the camera individually on Youtube. This time I made a series of videos and glued them together using Movie Maker, a free software. I am pretty happy with how it works, although my laptop is very slow when it comes to processes.

The not so nice thing is that I started the video somewhere like 10 minutes after I began the painting. I didn’t set the camera right from the beginning so I missed that part in the video. Sorry about that.

I used a reference photo of a fox. Its eyes impressed me and inspired me to paint it. Somehow the season of the painting is somewhere between summer, autumn or spring.

Steps of how to paint a fox in acrylics tutorial

  1. I made the sketch in crayon after the real image, it was not one on one the resemblance, but this makes a painting unique and personal
  2. In the beginning, I made the background using a blend of dark blue, turquoise, green, brown and black. In the areas that I wanted more light, I used yellow and light brown.
  3. I used flat colors to apply the first coat of paint on the fox’s fur.
  4. I paid more attention to the eyes of the fox in acrylics, because that is what I want to be the focus of the painting.
  5. Applying shadows in blue and green in the darker areas, makes them seem cooler and darker. In the lit areas, I apply yellow and other warm colors.
  6. Using a thin brush I applied black paint to contour the fox. I did this to put the accent in the center of the painting.
  7. Next step was to apply the grass and branches using a fan brush. I discovered how easy is to use this brushes to paint foliage. I admit I underestimated this brush, believing it’s useless.
  8. The last step is to apply paint on the sides and to apply a coat of varnish after the paint will dry. I didn’t film this last step in the current video.


What I learned from this process is that I must be extra-careful how I position the camera, because, in the scenes where I work on the details of the fox, my hair comes between the camera and the canvas.

I promise I will make better videos in the future, where I won’t obstruction the view. 🙂

Here is the video tutorial on how to paint a fox. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for passing by.

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