"Farm" Watercolor House Painting Challenge 9/300 – Tutorial video
Watercolor house by Cristina-vivi Iordache - peisaj de iarna
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“Farm” Watercolor House Painting Challenge 9/300

Let’s paint a farmhouse in watercolors

My watercolor house painting is very easy and can be done even by children. For this painting, you will need to create a small sketch before starting to paint. We need to keep the house area untouched when we use the wet on wet technique. So we’ll work a bit different from the previous watercolor paintings from my Painting Challenge series. The materials I used for this one are the same.

Materials for the watercolor house artwork

  • paper, good paper
  • watercolors palette or tubes
  • brushes
  • hair-dryer (optional)
  • water
  • pencil to make a little sketch

We begin with the pencil sketch. Since the house will be encircled by trees and the trees’ color must blend with the sky, we need to keep the house untouched. We won’t apply the wet on wet technique for the house, only for the sky and trees. So we apply water to the upper area except for the house sketch. If the paper is dry, the color won’t fuse on that area.

After, painting the sky and the trees, we begin painting the house, trees’ figures and the land elements. For my house painting in watercolor, I also added some bushes, a tall tree and a small flock of sheep.

You can see the entire painting process in the following video. And if you like it don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, more paintings are on the way.