Waterfall Painting in Watercolors on paper (Video tutorial)
Waterfall painting in watercolor
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Waterfall Painting in Watercolors on paper (Video tutorial)

I love to focus on creating a watercolor painting and a Waterfall painting was a challenge for me. This is also one of the artworks from my 300 Painting challenges. Also, I would like to say once again that in this challenge I want to include everything I paint in this year: digital painting, oil, acrylics, gouache, and watercolor.

A waterfall painting in watercolor can be very challenging and tricky at first glance. I wasn’t sure how to paint the waterfall so it looks better and more realistic. The method I used is to apply a wet on wet technique and leave blank some of the areas. This way you can preserve the white color of a foamy and fast waterfall. Besides the trick with the waterfall, everything else is simple to work on. Don’t be discouraged because I prepared a real-time video of how I did the waterfall painting in watercolors.

The materials are pretty much the same as my other paintings. However, for the color palette, I worked with a watercolor palette I have for around 8 years. But you will see how vibrant the colors are. Also, the price was quite affordable.

Materials for waterfall painting:

I worked for a very long time with this color palette, and even if the White and Yellow paints almost finished, it’s still useful. I sometimes combine it with other watercolor tubes from Pheonix. But you can use another type of color palettes if you like. However, remember that high-quality and more expensive paint will offer you better results. The same goes for the paper. Don’t choose thin and cheap paper.

The waterfall painting in watercolor was easy to do and I believe anyone can do it. Also, it was very relaxing. Working on types of leaves and with the green paint feels relaxing for me. I think this is why I like to paint landscapes most of the time. Another painting that is similar in the effort with the waterfall painting is the snow-drops landscape painting, also done in watercolors.

I know that a bit of work is needed for the details, but this is what makes a painting look better. On the following, you can watch the real-time video tutorial of the watercolor painting of a waterfall. I create a lot of watercolors painting on my youtube channel, so I invite you to subscribe there.