"Pastel Winter" Landscape Painting Tutorial Video – Watercolors
Winter landscape painting by Cristina-Vivi Iordache
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“Pastel Winter” Landscape Painting Tutorial Video

Winter landscape painting in Watercolors

For my eighth painting from the Painting Challenge, I worked on a winter landscape painting, obvious. I am starting to enjoy working with watercolors. And! I am using a low-quality color palette because I am trying to improve my technique first and then I will begin working with the high-quality tubes I have from Phoenix. I don’t know if this is the right way, but I would rather use these old colors to experiment than to waste good colors.

Anyhow, this painting is a winter landscape painting in pastel shades. I found a lovely range of paintings with pastel colors on the Internet and it inspired me to create one as well. It represents a winter scene in the sunset. The trees blend with the background like they are embraced by a soft fog.

Materials for my pastel winter landscape painting:

  • a color palette of watercolors
  • brushes
  • water
  • good paper
  • hair-dryer (optional, to speed up the drying process)

Like in the previous paintings, we start by applying a bit of water on paper with a flat brush or any brush. It doesn’t matter. Work with what you have. Pay attention to wet only the area where the trees will blend with the background.

Apply a soft mix of purple, pink and orange for the background. Before it dries apply strokes of paint to create tree shadows. Less pigmentated in the far left and with more color for the right area. In the right area, we will create a focal point of view. After applying the paint let it dry or use the hair-dryer to speed the process.

Now you can start painting trees with a mix of blue, purple and black, right in the focus zone. Next, add some details to make the scene feel alive. Add footsteps, a fence, perhaps even birds or a little fox or a wolf. You pick! In the end, use undiluted white paint to create some details on your painting.

If my instructions are not clear, I invite you to watch the following video. You will see the entire process of creating a winter landscape painting with watercolors.

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