"Winter Night" Watercolor winter scene on paper 10/300 - Video tutorial
Watercolor winter scene - Cristina Vivi Iordache - Watercolor painting video
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“Winter Night” Watercolor winter scene on paper 10/300

Watercolor winter scene for beginners

This is one of the easiest watercolor winter scene artworks I ever worked on. Hence, I believe it’s also very easy for the beginners and those who want to learn how to paint with watercolors to follow this video tutorial. This winter scene in watercolors on paper is the 10th painting from my Painting challenge. For this watercolor winter scene I used the following materials:

  • watercolor palette
  • paper
  • brushes
  • hair-dryer
  • water
  • tape

Although I had something else in mind for this painting, I decided to go with the flow. Firstly, I used the tape to split the paper in half. I was planning to create two skies with different colors, but I ended painting them the same color. You can paint one part with a warm color and the other one with a cool color. It’s your choice.

Next, I used the wet on wet technique. With a flat brush, I dampened the paper and I applied blue for the sky. We can use only blue, black and white for this painting. After painting the sky, you can proceed with painting some dynamic figures. I painted an old man taking his puppy out for a walk, in the snow. In the next panel, I painted a tall tree and bunny. Adding some branches here and there, and some elongated shadows will make the painting look very good. You can imagine something else and paint in your watercolor winter scene. All you have to do is to unleash your imagination.

This painting is very easy to create for everyone because it has a few elements.

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Thank you!

Watercolor winter scene video tutorial