Tropical flower watercolors painting

Winter Orchid Watercolor Painting

Summer orchid watercolor to warm winter days


Tropical flower watercolors painting
Tropical flower watercolors painting

There is nothing winter related to Winter orchid watercolor’s content, except for the fact that it was painted in December. I bought in Autumn a small purple orchid since I adore flowers and nature, especially alive, potted ones. And I love to see it growing and still hanging on. I wasn’t so sure it would survive in an apartment environment.


When I bought it it had 2 blossoms and 2 buds. They all bloomed and now it has one blossom, for about 2 months. I will move it in a bigger pot after this last bloom falls. It’s really nice that you can enjoy orchid blossoms more than other flower’s blossoms. I also have cactus potted in my balcony. They have the shortest bloom from all the flowers I have, but they’re beautiful.

Now, back to the painting. It’s a quick watercolor painting I did in December, last year. It is a study of flowers and I enjoyed working on it. I am not very good with patience and that is why I did a very quick study of it.


  • watercolors
  • brushes
  • paper
  • water
  • flower for reference
  • music for the soul




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